My Sincere thanks to all of you that have helped to achieve this goal:
2015 -> 51 Girls Sponsored
2016 -> 66 Girls Sponsored
2017 -> 118 Girls Sponsored
2018 -> 49 Girls Sponsored + 10 students from Grades 3 – 10

In 2018, 49 girls achieved scholarships
We also sponsored 10 underprivileged children from Grades 3 – Grade 10 and
15 underprivileged children starting from Grade 1 and guaranteed for 10 Years with an English speaking Teacher:

Excited to Share our new facility of Scholarship funding:
These children come from a poor or single parent family. We have committed to sponsoring each child for a guaranteed 10 year education.
We are providing an English speaking teacher for the students throughout their tenure in school.

This will be the first classroom of children that will be receiving all education in English throughout their school years.
We are hoping to create a new generation of children growing up having English as their first language,
and therefore giving them better opportunities towards furthering their careers.

In 2017, 118 girls achieved scholarships with more than 73% mark and above.
That is a 50% increase in scholarships that our previous year.
Renovations are now underway for the Beauty School.

In 2016, 66 girls achieved scholarships with more than 73% mark and above.
In 2016 we increased the most from 70%-73% and we should all be very proud of the results.

The girls participated and performed in a great cultural show for us outdoors.

Awareness of the Clean India Campaign continues next February to clean the Park and the surroundings of the College by the students.

We have also started the work for the esthetics salon, where we are now waiting for design and quotes.   We had a donor from England and from Ottawa visit the college for the scholarship event.  It was greatly appreciated and I hope more of you will make the trip next year to see for yourselves.

In 2015, 51 girls received scholarships on merit of achieving more then 70% and above marks.

The young women were given an assignment to write about the clean India campaign,
and 14 were chosen for the best written and are to organize to clean 51 streets where they live.

On February 10,11,and the 12th I will going over to join them in this endeavor.
Awareness makes for better people and surroundings.
Some of the parents of these women will also participate along with other students and teachers from the college.

Thanks to all that help to make our inaugural Beant Agya Scholarship a success. Your contributions were greatly appreciated.

51 young women received various amounts of sponsorships to

It was quite an emotional and fulfilling life experience.

We look forward to providing even more scholarships next year through your continued support.
Visit our Donate page to learn about our upcoming event in March 2018